Winter Eye Candy

Photos from Surly
Surly did a write-up about their new Troll frame that just came out this year. When I first saw this bike, I wondered if it would become my new bike-lust in place of the Long Haul Trucker.

Seeing it in action, here, makes that possibility even stronger. It's looking like this thing has everything I would want in a touring/camping machine. Since a Pugsley would be an absurdity for me in my climate and geographical location, a bike that would sport 2.7" wide rubber and run a good touring set-up would be pretty ideal for me. I could give this thing huge tires for winter and run a more narrow slick for average commuting or touring. Seems tempting. We'll have to see how people use the Troll. It has so many capabilities, I'm excited to see what people do with them.

Get out there.

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  1. I don't have room for another bicycle.....but I'm really liking the idea of a Troll. Too bad I'd have to get rid of one of my current bikes. Not sure I could decide which one.

    I just love how well Surly thinks through the bikes they come up with. And the price is always right for me.