Two Hour What?

School was canceled again today which puts us on a two hour delay at work. No complaints from me. I love the extra time with my family and a little bit of cushion on the bike. But I have to say that today's school closing was a bit overkill. I have an intimate knowledge of the road conditions from riding two wheels and there was no cause for alarm from what I saw.

Oh well. It's easy to make a judgement call when you're not the one responsible for the safe arrival of hundreds of little people. I say "thanks" to you, school-closing-decision-maker. You gave me enough time to fiddle with my camera app and figure out how to take a decent self-portrait on the bike.

Get out there.


  1. Nice job. Not your normal weather situation in Kentucky. Are your tires studded?

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  3. @ Nick - Thanks man. No studded tires. I would certainly benefit from them. But I just don't have the cash right now. For the most part, I feel safe without them for now.