The Dorkiest

After seeing myself on the bike in yesterday's post, I realized how dorky that reflective vest looks. I remember there was a time when I thought a lot of things were dorky. I thought fenders looked kind of dorky. I even thought a helmet looked dorky. This vest was the last step towards not giving a crap.

When riding becomes a larger part of your life than the preserving dignity, there's no thought that goes into that silliness. I don't care... at all. Look at the picture above. There's absolutely no color in the landscape these days. And wearing that obnoxious orange vest makes me stick out. I'm all about staying safe. The longer I go without a mishap, the longer I will get to ride. It's worth any sacrifice of dignity I may have left. It's absurd to think I even cared before.

Sure, the high school kids at the bus stop think I look dorky. But one thing is for sure... they don't appreciate a good ride like I do.

Get out there.


  1. I have that exact same vest. But I never wear it. I am constantly adjusting my front zipper for purposes of venting. I zip it down at the bottom of every uphill, then zip it back up at the top of ever downhill. The vest just gets in the way.

  2. @ Doug - I'm not a big fan of the feel and comfort either. A major issue for me, though, is that my warm coat is black. Match that with black pants and I'm nearly invisible at night. There's also nothing to attach my blinkie to on my coat. I have to clip it to the vest.