why family//bike//words?

Nearly six years ago I took my 11 mile commute to work with a buddy... by bicycle. I had never ridden that far before and I was incredibly nervous about it all. Fast-forward to today and I'm striving to replace every car trip I can with a bike.

My main ride is to work 11 miles each way, 22 miles total. I pedal past horse farms and green meadows nearly the entire ride. I love my commute. My other rides include errands. My family is committed to riding bikes, as well. My incredible wife rides. Most of the weekend's errands are on a bike along with our four kids who love being outside and riding along.

I blog because I love this life. But I also blog because bloggers helped me along the way. The list you see on the right are the people that taught me the ropes. They're the people that helped me to realize that this lifestyle is possible with four kids. I blog because I hope to bring that reality to the attention of others, as well. Hopefully you'll read this and realize you can ride to work. I hope you realize that kids can be strapped on. I hope you realize it truly makes life better when you get out there.

Thanks for reading.

Get out there.