Errands at Night

Last night I needed to go out after all the kids were down and the dark had set in. It was one of those scenarios when most people instinctively walk into their garage, fire up the engine and drive to the drug store. Not me. I've got that out of my system over the last few years.

With 15 degree temps and pitch black night, I still want to be on the bike... if only for a few minutes. I hopped on the Cross Check and headed out into the darkness. Great decision.

It feels so nice to have the cold air on your face and warm blood pumping through your veins. There's a certain amount of excitement and adventure, though very small, that makes you feel just a bit more alive than a car ride.

"Was it freezing out there?" Angie asked as I came back in. Yes. It was cold. But it didn't hurt. I was not miserable on the bike, just the tiniest bit uncomfortable (I think we value comfort a bit too much). I loved it. For 20 minutes I smiled as I watched my breath leave my body. It is totally worth it. Night or day. Cold or warm. I always enjoy it.

Get out there.


  1. thanks for the reminder of short winter rides! I remember once when I was a teenager I took my BMX bike for a quick jaunt up the block in like 20degrees or so; there was a film of snow and it was real quiet, but invigorating!

    then my ears and nose fell off.

  2. @ Easton Heights Blogger - I love the peacefulness of night time in the cold... sans appendage detachment. :)

  3. I know that feeling...and I get it!