For the last week I've been playing with my layers. I realized that I was, for the most part, wearing one standard combination of layers for anything from 25 degrees on down... and most days I was hot. I took a risk last week and stripped back a couple of my layers and it was perfect. I wasn't covered in sweat and I was never cold. Today wasn't the same.

Being that most of the time I wear too much, I risked it again today and stripped back. Not a good choice. I was really cold for the entire ride. And when you're uncomfortable, it's hard to enjoy the ride. I rarely have a ride that I want to be over, but that's exactly what today's was. Fifteen minutes into it, I wanted it to be done.

After being too chilly and fighting a headwind the entire ride, I was very pleased to pull into the parking lot. Hopefully the ride home will be a bit better.

Get out there.


  1. yeah.. I under-dressed the other day as well. Grrrr.. My core was fine, but I didn't wear two layers on my legs and I was cold.

  2. When the temperature drops below 25 or 30, I've learned to pay close attention to the wind speed and wind direction. I dress more for the wind conditions than I do for the air temp in winter.

    I can be perfectly warm at 0 degrees with calm winds. And then freeze the next day wearing the same layers at 25 degrees with a 25 mph wind.

  3. @ Ms.Ding - I was the exact opposite today. very cold core. :(

    @ Doug - That's the factor I missed today. I usually look at wind speed but didn't even consider it this morning. I think it's because most of the snow melted yesterday. My eyes saw the lack of snow and told me it was warm and there was no need to look. My eyes were wrong.