The Skinny

I rode skinny tires in the snow this morning. Well, to some 28's aren't skinny. But for me they are. I was curious, and the snow was just snow... not ice. So I gave it a try. Honestly, it was awesome. I got the speed of the road-ish setup and wasn't really at risk of biting it.

It's also a treat to ride the Cross Check. I love this bike so much (still for sale, by the way ;)) There's just something about that feels right when I ride it. And I love that it can do so much.

One thing I noticed was these tracks on the bike path. They're mine... and they're two days old. That tells me that no one has been on the path since Tuesday when I rode it. Sad. It's a bummer that people will jump at the opportunity to ride in the summer but not when it's cold out. It's still a blast. And being outside holds the same value as it does the other months of the year.

Seriously... Get out there.


  1. sweeet. I ride 28mm tires as my regular setup on my Pacer. good all around size, though I was going to try maybe a 32 if they clear the calipers.

  2. @ Easton Heights Blogger - I've been trying to burn through these 28's for a while to step up to 32. The 28's are great for most of what I do, but I think 32 would be a little more resilient on some of what I end up riding on.