Revelate Testing

With the purchase of a new seat bag, the bikepacking set-up is rounding out a bit so I thought I'd load everything up and take it for a spin around the park. Fully loaded, I was somewhat surprised at how it handled.

I think I had convinced myself that these rackless bags would make the weight completely disappear. I'm not sure why. I, perhaps, assumed that I would feel heavy but that my handling would be fine. That was not the case. Did it handle better than a mountain bike with racks and panniers? Abso-stinking-lutely. I've done two bikepacking trips with panniers and I don't think I'd ever want to do that again. Things are just tough to negotiate. These bags, however, keep the weight evenly distributed and more centered to the bike. But I could still get squirrelly at times.

I'm not complaining in any way. They were so much better than a conventional set-up. I'm just stating that my optimism overshot reality. If you're in the market I would totally recommend them. They make Surly frame bags without any customization. But any bike would work with a few measurements and email exchanges.

All in all, I'm excited to try something new and explore an unconventional way to carry gear!

Get out there.



'Tis the season of slippery wet leaves all over the ground. Things got squirrelly a little this morning on a turn when my back wheel slid out from under me. I have to remember that these things are like tiny oil spills all over the road. Be careful out there!

Get out there.


While the Gettin' is Good

Winter in Kentucky is wet. So the MTB trails become too sloppy to ride on without tearing them up and, inevitably, eroding the very sport that you love. So it's entirely possible to go months without riding dirt here in the bluegrass. So just before I packed up the LHT for a regular commute. I realized I better squeeze in some dirt time while I still can. So I threw the Troll on the car and planned an outing over lunch to get some dirt while the gettin' is still good.

Not a bad decision at all.

Get out there.


Paul's Mill Road

During my lunch break on Monday I headed out with a few guys to hit up Paul's Mill Road. I've ridden through this quaint little road before. But I wanted to catch it in fall colors.
All I know of Paul's Mill Road is that it feels like a time warp. Nothing along this short stretch feels modern.
An old mill building along the creek. Somewhat restored but still holding onto it's heritage.
Boiler, maybe?
We rode along the creek the entire route. Some lovely swans taking in the colors, too.
And then we headed back to the future.

Get out there.