Indoor Parking

I'm pretty lucky to have an office that allows me to park my bikes inside, but snow changes things. When you ride along, snow picks up all the little nastiness on the road and it freezes to your bike. All that gunk that sticks on the bike with the snow eventually falls when the snow melts away and the floor gets covered in some nasty grime. And I'd like to keep the facilities team on my good side.

So these days the Xtracycle is locked up to the flagpole in front of the building. We don't have bike racks, but this works fine. I'm not sure anyone could slide the bike over the top and make off with it... and if they could, they probably earned it.

It's a small reminder of how good I have it for a bike commuter. Most people are locking their bikes in precarious spots every day. I've got it good.

Get out there.


  1. Southland needs some bike racks!

  2. Eek! I work at a school, and we have a bike rack, but no roof, and I don't like leaving my Xtracycle out in the rain, so I end up parking in the janitor's storage room. But if more of us were biking, we'd have a problem.

  3. @ abbylaub - You're correct!

    @ Kathleen - I'll sometimes park mine on the loading dock. It's a covered area, but I'd have to walk around the entire building to get in... which isn't fun in the cold.