Ending 2010

It felt so great to end 2010 with a family bike ride. Angie was out of town last Friday (New Year's Eve) to attend her grandfather's funeral. I had all three kids to myself and the temperature hit 62 degrees. What were the first words out of my mouth? "Who wants to go for a bike ride!?"

It had been a while since I hauled all three kids on the Xtracycle. And with the maintenance that it needs, it wasn't easy. But of course we had a blast. We hit up my buddy's coffee shop, the library, then went for a Happy Meal run to round things out. What a way to end the year!

One of the great things about family cycling is the pace. The kids are entertained, and those errands by car would have taken a fourth of the time. We spent the entire afternoon out of the house with something fun to do. It's a huge benefit when you're looking to entertain three kids by yourself. Just one more reason to ditch the minivan and straddle a cargo bike.

Get out there.

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