Early Morning

This morning's ride was a bit earlier than most. It's the first time I've turned my head light on or saw the sun rise in a while. I've gotten into a good routine of putting our oldest on the bus, getting ready and heading out the door. That means I'm never out before the light is.

Today I had a meeting early, so I adjusted my plans and got ready before the bus arrived. After our oldest was on the bus, I hopped on the bike and left. I love being out in the dark. It's so much more peaceful for some reason. And being able to see the sun come up is a great way to begin your day. You appreciate it more than when you're driving in your car. There's a connection to it when you depend on it. You're thinking, "Okay, now I'll feel the warmth. I can be seen more easily and I can see everything, too." 

I can't describe it, really. I just get excited every time I'm out like that for sunrise.

Get out there.

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