Bicycles and Icicles

Today was the coldest commute of the year, so far in Kentucky. Work was on a two hour delay so I had some extra time on the bike. It was so awesome. I love riding in the snow.
I even took the time to do a little self-portrait action with the timer. You can see my multiple tracks and footprints. It took several attempts to catch it just right :)
Zero degree windchill made it a frosty ride. But, as usual, it was a blast. What a great adventure on the way to work.

Get out there.


  1. Awesome! We've had the cold, and ice, but no snow. I'd rather ride on snow than ice any day, but as long as I can still get out on my bike I'm good. Enjoy your ride!

  2. @ Ms. Ding - This was all snow and very little ice... fun stuff!

  3. My commute today was also the coldest of the year, and the winter so far. It was also my coldest bicycle commuter ever.

  4. @ Doug - I realized I may need to adjust my winter wardrobe. I wore what I usually wear and was much more comfortable than when it's 10 degrees warmer. I sweat a lot more when it's 15-20 degrees. Looks like there's more tweaking to do.