Another Great Ride

Today's commute was nothing out of the ordinary as far as the ride was concerned. Just the same old salty roads and chilly weather. I did have an interesting anomaly along the way, though. One of my friends is a freelance writer and photographer. She asked if she could do a story about our family and some of the outdoor activities that we do. So this morning she met me along my commute to grab some photos.

It's an awkward thing to have your picture taken... especially when your beard is frozen and you've just blown a couple snot rockets because the windchill is six degrees. But it was a fun little break in the pattern of pedal stroke after pedal stroke.

Her story is being looked at right now by a pretty cool bike magazine (that I'll leave nameless for now). But whether or not it turns into anything, it's still exciting. I love to ride. And the whole reason I blog is to try and inspire people to do the same. "The outside world," as my kids call it, is so much better than sitting indoors all day, no matter how comfortable you are. Hopefully this article will inspire people to get outside, too.

But in the end, it will just be neat to have a picture of myself on the bike (which I don't really have too many of).

Get out there.


  1. Can't wait to hear more details from the editor, hopefully the story won't be too far off!

  2. I wish i hadn't gotten that puncture yesterday, I would have showed up and you would have had an opportunity to ride the motorbike. Alas, It is fixed now. Perhaps next thursday!