Yesterday was a rainy commute but temps were in the high fifties. Today it's snowing and 28 degrees. This is the time of year that your wardrobe needs lots of thought.

For instance, yesterday as I was grabbing my bike from the garage, I got the sense that I was a bit overdressed. My rain jacket doesn't breathe too well (as most rain gear doesn't) and I decided to drop the soft shell I had on underneath it. It was the perfect choice. One day I'm riding with a t-shirt and a very light rain jacket, the next requires my heaviest winter hardshell with a layer of fleece under that.

I've said it before and I'll state it again, summer riding is easier. No thought or intentionality goes into your clothes for the commute. Shorts and t-shirt. No more. No less.

But today's ride home in the snow will look completely different than yesterday's commute in the rain, yet be only 24 hours apart. That's what winter bike commuting entails... but that's what makes it interesting. And it's completely worth it.

Get out there.


  1. Find it very challenging to ride on the snow. Better have a comfortable outfit for any kind of season.

  2. Agreed. Altho I don't see snow very often, I find riding in cold/rainy a challenge - the fine line between trying to stay dry without freezing or feeling like I'm wearing a sauna suit. I, too, much prefere the no-thought more temperate days - but still glad we're all out there in ALL kind of weather. Yes, it's *completely* worth it!