New Bike?

Yep, I bought a new bike frame that I've been working on recently. Doug was selling his old Cross Check and I had been in the market for building up another one. I'm selling my stock Cross Check build to raise some money for other things and was looking for an old steel bike to depend on. Well, when I saw that I could nab Doug's for cheap, I thought I'd go for it.

It's built up from stuff I had lying around the house. There's really nothing special (or complete) about this bike yet (so far, I've just thrown everything on... nothing is adjusted or operating). It's just going to be my somewhat-faster-than-the-xtracycle commuter bike. There are a few other little things I've got to do to it and pieces that I need to order to make it operable, but this is basically it.

The biggest difference you'll see later will be the bars. I'm going to order a pair of Titec H-Bars to throw on here. I've always been curious of how they feel and I think this is the perfect application. I can't ride straight MTB bars. My wrists are too sensitive for some reason. But I think the H-Bars would be perfect.

This bike will be my beater/foul weather bike for commuting and see some MTB trails every once in a while, too. I'm really excited about it. I hope to finish it all up over Christmas vacation.

Get out there.


  1. Awesome! I knew Doug was selling it, but I wasn't sure who would end up with it. You'll have tons of fun with this bike!

  2. That's pretty darn cool to see the Cross Check getting a new life. I honestly thought it would collect dust in a corner of my basement for the next decade. Enjoy!

  3. So what are your plans for selling the old Cross check? If it is still on the market please email details to stoenagefamily@hotmail.com. Thanks. Just so you know I am in Japan and this would involve mailing to an APO (federal post office, not an overseas address)

  4. @ Apertome - Thanks! I'm excited!

    @ Doug - I'm excited to see it up and running.

    @ Stoneagefamily - I sent you an email with some details. Let me know if you have any questions.