Mud and Snow

Yesterday I took a lunch break to hit some sloppy and snowy trails with Jeff. Being that we've had snow and ice on the ground for the last few weeks, we didn't know what to expect. It was a quick ride, but we had fun.
The terrain was a weird mix of snow, ice and mud. Honestly, it wasn't the best stuff to ride on. You didn't know whether you're tire would slide out from under you or sink down a few inches. In the above picture, I nearly bit it crossing this stream. It's a pretty steep little rut and my tire slid out on the icy bank and then sunk deep in the mud. I made it through, but it wasn't pretty.

 Some stuff was packed ice that you floated right over. But pretty much everything was unpredictable.
Jeff let me ride his bike. I don't have an MTB that's operational right now but he's borrowing his brother's. It worked out great for me!

Overall, it was a fun ride and a great break from sitting in the office.

Get out there.


  1. You didnt mention the celebratory fact that you did not wipeout in the first five minutes as has become your MTB custom. not to mention it was rough conditions!

  2. ah yes, northeast trails in the winter. we used to call that stuff mashed potatoes. I rode in mud once that was so sticky that it literally packed up in the frame and locked my rear wheel, no joke.