Snow Delay

The incredibly generous organization that I work for gives us a two hour delay when school is called off. That gives people enough time to figure out what to do with kids while they clear the parking lot for the day's happenings. For me, this meant that I got to lounge around with this guy for a bit longer before I hopped on the bike yesterday.
He and I both appreciated the extra time to hang together. The big kids were around, too. They were just rejoicing that school was out and soaking up a little more Curious George.

The ride in was great. It took twice as long as usual but I anticipated as much, so I allotted the extra time. It was a fight against some major headwind. But eventually I realized I needed to pick up the pace a bit.
I ride with my iPhone in a ziploc bag. Yesterday, I thought I'd see what pics looked like if I didn't take it out to shoot. Obviously, they don't look good... they just look a bit instagrammed. My apologies.
Honestly, plowing through the snow wasn't bad. It was really powdery stuff that moved right out of my as I cut through. I couldn't really feel much resistance. It was just the wind that killed me. I'm also finally getting the hang of gear choices. I dressed perfectly for the weather... not too cold and not too hot. It always takes me a while to remember what to wear.

All in all, that's a good day... extra time with the family, extra time on the bike and a little extra adventure. You can't beat that.

Get out there.

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