That Could Have Been Me

Remember how I wrote that they put two poles up to keep cars off the bike path? Also, do you remember how someone just drove right through and took one of the poles out? Well, it happened again.

Friday morning I saw that someone just plowed right through the remaining pole. Along the path, there are six different points where you see these poles. This is the only location that even one has been taken out. I'm guessing that the car drivers are not paying attention to the signs that tell them the road is about to end and a bike path is about to begin. The scary part is that this pole could just as easily be me on my bike. These poles have lots of reflective material on them. They stood about three and a half feet high. They're not hard to see. The issue is that these drivers aren't paying attention.

Scary thought.

Get out there.


  1. Yikes, scary stuff! Think the ice had anything to do with it?

  2. @ Apertome - I would guess the ice was the cause of this one. Last time it happened was in the fall. They took the busiest road in the area, moved it about a quarter mile to the left, then made this a bike path. I think there are still people that don't realize the road moved. I'm thinking of letting the city know that they may need to increase the signage.