Running Errands

Yesterday Angie encouraged me to get out for a ride. After all the indoor Christmas festivities, she could tell that I was getting a little stir crazy. That's one of the best things about commuting by bike... being outside is built into your lifestyle. When I'm on vacation like this, I have to be intentional about getting out and letting my brain decompress. She was both generous and correct in her offer.

I headed out to the library to return some stuff. It had just snowed a few inches and was still coming down. I love being the first tracks on fallen snow. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it feels a bit more exploratory. But it caused me to take streets I knew would be untraveled. I love to look back and see those two little tracks interweaving with one another.
After that I took lots of side streets to kill some time. I just wanted to be out and I figured it didn't matter where I was going. I stopped by the Courthouse to snap a picture. I live in a small town outside of Lexington that's really quite quaint. We've got a nice little main street with little shops, a cafe and this cool old Courthouse building. You can't see anywhere near to the top. It stretches high into the air and is topped off with some nice architecture. I really love where I live.

After that, I had one more errand to run. A buddy is out of town for the week and wanted me to turn his Christmas lights on so people wouldn't know he was gone (hopefully they don't read this blog. I don't have too many friends. You could easily find out who it is :))

I stopped by, plugged in the lights and meandered back to the house, once again taking lots of detours. I have no idea what my mileage was. I was gone for an hour or so and I did build up a bit of a sweat. All I know is that it was worth it and it did the trick. I cam home and Angie said, "You should always listen to me when I suggest that you go for a ride. You're mood is so much better." Apparently, I was a better man for getting out.

Get out there.


  1. Indeed.

    Working from home, I lost my bike commute. If I haven't been out for a run or a ride yet, and my day is off, my good wife will suggest the same thing. Again and again, I hear the same affirmation when I get back home, "glad you're in a better mood now."

    Funny how that works isn't it?

  2. Saw this guys blog on the interwebs and immediately thought of your recent need for studded tires.


  3. @ Jeremy - My wife is a good woman for knowing me so well.

    @ Kyle - Those are awesome. They wouldn't work with rim brakes, though... which all my bikes have. Bummer.