This morning I had a meeting that required me to ride a different route than my usual. It's actually my old route that I used to have to take everyday... and it ain't pretty. But as I was riding over a bridge I caught a  glimpse of the train tracks below and thought to myself, "Hey, that does add some visual appeal." Really it was kind of nice, so I slowed down and took a quick pic.

So I continue on my way, unstimulated by the lack of beauty... still hanging on to what I had seen on the overpass. I thought about how Kentucky is neat, with it's train system and what it offers as it cuts through the countryside. At one point in my daydreaming I realized I needed to pick up the pace to make it to my meeting on time. I cranked on the pedals, no longer thinking of my quaint little railroad scene. I only thought about the disappointment of the other guy as I would pull in late. Then I saw this...

My how the mind can take a turn. I was so mad at these stupid trains for cutting through our countryside and making us late for our appointments. :)

Maybe I could stop blaming the trains and leave a little earlier.

Get out there.

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