Running Late

It seems like more and more recently I'm running late. And never is it because I slept in or I watched too much Tyra in the morning. It's usually got something to do with my family.

Today, for instance, it was my daughter. As I was walking out the door she wanted to tell me what would happen if she missed the bus. I'm sure the conversation could have been executed in a mere three sentences. But she chose to take about eight minutes to explain every detail. I think at one point she even included a joke that had something to do with a Sasquatch.

Anyway, it often leaves me with a very little option on the bike other than pedaling hard. I do have this route that shaves off a couple minutes.

There's a bike path that runs parallel to this road almost my entire way to work. But the zigging and zagging of the path does add nearly an entire mile. So on days like today, I forfeit the solitude, silence and safety of the path to ride this shoulder.

It's not unsafe at all. In fact, compared to my route before this road was recently finished, it's a dream. But until I get into a good rhythm with school back in session, I might be hauling tail down the shoulder for a while. I can handle it... and it's worth the extra family time.

Get out there.

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