Mid-Day Bike Commute

Our building where I work is literally a quarter of a mile long. To go from one end to another is quite a haul. In my old role, I found myself having to travel back and forth often. There are a couple electric carts that drive some of our facilities staff to and fro with great efficiency. I prefer a different set of wheels.

It's no big deal for me to hop on the bike and pedal that quarter mile down to the other side of the universe. I love it. It offers me a nice little detour past all the email and phone messages I get in my office. Just yesterday, I had a big project that required me to spread out over a big table. I threw everything into my bag and made the journey.

No interruptions. No distractions. And I even got in a little mini bike commute. Sounds like a good option.

Get out there.

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