Derailleurs and Fog

Last night was a great night with Jeff working on bikes and talking bike stuff. He's got an old mountain bike that needed a little work. We replaced the cables on it a few months ago but never got around to really tuning in the derailleurs. Last night it finally got finished. Now she's a smooth shifting machine.

I love bikes like this. Yes, it's old. Yes, the paint on it is extremely mid-90's. But it serves it's purpose without fail. It's a mountain bike that gets ridden several times a year. It works exactly as it should. No flash needed.

On another note, this morning's commute was fahhhh-ggy. Really foggy. Fog is the biggest deterrent for riding my bike. When visibility is low, I hate the feeling of riding so close to cars driving 55mph.

Fog also gets me all soggy. I was almost as wet from the thickness of riding through it as I get in a downpour of precipitation.

All in all, it's always worth the ride. But the fog means that the rear blinkie is not an option and I've got to be a little more cautious that usual.

Get out there.

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