House Cleaning

Well, really it's garage cleaning.

Last night I picked up my dad's tandem kayak for a trip I've got in late September. A buddy and I are joining a few other canoe campers for a long weekend trip. I could use my newly acquired kayak, but we'd have to figure something out for Jeff. That makes dad's two-man boat a great option for us to share. 

Well, since we were already meeting last night, I went ahead and picked up his boat. The thing I didn't consider was storage. Our garage is getting pretty ridiculous. With two kayaks, four bikes, a van and a whole lot of kid crap there's not room for anything else.

We've got a couch and love seat in here that we need to get rid of. That's the big issue these days. Anyone want a free couch? (By the way, I made a failed attempt to remove these by bike. I kept that story to myself. :)

Until I get this sorted out... well... I just need to get this sorted out. Having all this stuff is becoming quite annoying.

Get out there.

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