The Plumber's Faucet

Have you ever heard the expression, "The plumber always has a leaky faucet"? It's referring to the fact that this guy works on faucets all day long and doesn't want to do it when he gets home. I can relate on bicycle terms.

It seems like I've worked on two dozen bikes in the last month or so, but somehow haven't touched my own. The Xtracycle is in desperate need of some attention, too. The rear brake has been rubbing on the rim so what did I do? I just undid the V-brake. Smart? No. But when I don't have cargo, it's a simple fix. When I'm hauling something, I just put it back. (I can hear you judging me as you read that)

It's also shifting terribly. It's got a crappy old drivetrain and shifters and they're barely holding on. I have a much better set-up waiting to be put on but I haven't got around to it. I'm not sure what it is. I'm just never really inclined to work on my own bike.

I think I find it fun to use a rare skill to help others. But it just never seems appealing to dig in for myself. Well, time is ticking. The Xtra is holding on for a better time than these. It deserves a little love.

Get out there.


  1. I understand. With me it's computers. Sometimes I don't feel like working on them when I get home.


  2. My bike knows this feeling. It has had to watch me fix 3-4 other frames while it has spent the past 2 months pretending to be a singlespeed, waiting for me to replace the rear derailleur cable.

    I think with other people's stuff, they're less likely to want to "deal with it". As the plumber/mechanic/computer guy in these scenarios, maybe we settle knowing that we can fix it.

  3. I think* you've just motivated me to go change the oil in my hub, it's overdue.
    * we'll know in 1/2 hour or so