Tonight in Lexington

There are some of us getting together with BikeKY to discuss a community bike shop tonight. Here's what's on their website.
A community bike shop is in the process of opening up behind Al's in the old Chaosome/CPR space. Last week a group of about 15 folks met to start workingon the infrastructure and to basically have a big brain storming meeting. Next step is to clean out the space and continue the brain storming. If you are interested in brainstorming we are meeting on Thursday at 6 pm atAl's. If you are interested in helping to clean out the space (lots of junk in there) then we are meeting on Thursday at 7 pm (after the brain storming) inthe space. Be ready to get dirty and then get refreshed with draft PBRs at the sidecar.
I'll be there tonight and anyone who wants to get dirty is welcome. The entire concept is based around providing bikes and bike service to those in the community who cannot afford it yet depend on their bike for transportation. It'd be cool to see you there.

Get out there.

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