Big Step

Last night I rode home in the triple digit heat index only to arrive in the air conditioning and hear the family request, "Can we go on a bike ride?"

Well, I'm not one to pass up some quality family time on two wheels. But I was a little more pooped than normal from the heat. Angie has been saying for a while that she'd like to try pulling the trailer. The set-up has always been me on the Xtracycle carrying two kids while pulling a trailer carrying one more. It's completely doable. But I didn't really feel up to it yesterday. So I suggested maybe this be her first run with the trailer.

She was nervous to haul such precious cargo. But with a little encouragement and some controlled practice around our little street, she was ready. She immediately felt comfortable. The fear melted away and she was left with nothing more than the lag caused by our giant baby. She loved the experience and I think it even made her love me a little more. She got a better picture of my rides with 100+ pounds of kid slowing me down.

I'm excited to do all of our "around town" action with two kids on the Xtra versus three. It's gonna make my life quite a bit easier. And she is pumped to have the ability to do some rides alone with the baby while the big kids are at school and I'm at work.

We're getting better and better at this family bike thing. I'm looking forward to the future!

Get out there.

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