Short Day

Today was a "short" kind of day. First off, I rode a short bike. The Cross Check got the call for the first time in over a month. To be honest, I'm considering selling it. The more and more I get comfortable in my cycling, the more I realize that I can survive on very little. As a guy that uses his bike as transportation more than recreation, a $1200 bike freaks me out to leave locked outside of a building. That's a long story, though. What I'm getting at is this; it was a short ride on a short bike. I've gotten used to the slower and beefier Xtracycle. Today felt like a dash to work.

My next "short" experience came when I arrived to work. I had forgotten a towel and was forced to use this short little wash rag to dry off. So the joy of my short ride was cut short by the disappointment in my short towel. No harm, though. Sometimes things don't go as smoothly as you hope. Things could get worse.

Get out there.

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