I Lucked Out

Last night I was working on about 50 bikes with some really great people. We had been fixing flats and adjusting parts for a while when I realized I had forgotten a headlight for my journey home. Everyone had driven but me and they were all offering me a ride. But I was determined to pedal home. I'd been counting on it all day, and didn't want to give it up.

What's funny is that I usually keep a headlight on all my bikes. But recently, my style of riding has been one that's had me out well after sunrise and home well before sunset. So I had just removed all my lights to prevent any unnecessary theft. It caught up with me.

Luckily, in the last batch of bikes being fixed, I looked down and saw a headlight attached to one. With one flick of the switch, it proved to be in working order. Amazing. After seeing over 100 bikes come through this place, I've never seen one with a light on it.

So I purged it for the evening and will return it today. But this cheap little Wal-mart light certainly saved my tail last night. Obviously, I made it home. Thanks to a bit of luck.

Get out there.

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