Tent Maintenance

I've got a S24O coming up this week and needed to do a little work on my tent. The last time I used it, I had three days of torrential downpour and the water began to creep in. Yesterday, I broke out the seam sealer and laid everything out to do the work. I finished with about two minutes to spare before the rain started falling in my own back yard... ironic.

My wife is headed out of town so I asked if the kids could go to the grandparents for a night. I'm taking that opportunity to leave town on a bike and sleep outside for a bit. My brain needs that every once in a while.

Hopefully, everything will stay sealed after yesterday's efforts. But I'm doing this rain or shine. Timing is too perfect to pass up.

Get out there.


  1. I need to use that on our tent. Although ours did pretty good this weekend with all of the rain we got at Natural Bridge. We tend to get a lot of rain when we camp out anymore so I need to get some sealer and get cracking.

  2. Is this what you texted me about the other day? Seems more intense when you call it an S240 ;) Hopefully I can find a cheap pannier rack before then....It's taken 2 commutes to work to realize that I dislike biking with a backpack.