Pedal Powered Rain Cover

Photo from www.pedalpoweredfamily.com
Reuben and Heidi over at Pedal Powered Family have just finished a pretty impressive rain cover for their Xtracycle setup. I've got to say this this looks incredible. I've seen others like this one and was discouraged by the complexity. This one, though, looks like I could actually pull it off.

Next year we're going to have three kids in three different schools. And unless I get back in the car to haul kids, I'm going to need something like this to manage foul weather commutes. Who knows... this could be the next big thing on my DIY agenda.

Great job, PPF. It'll get used soon! Those of you out there that aren't reading their blog, get tuned in. They'll leaving for their big trip this month and it'll certainly be worth the follow.

Get out there.

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