Today's bike commute was, again, exploratory. I tried a new road with no actual knowledge of where it headed. I figured I could always turn around and head back out if things got dicey. It didn't take long before I hit gravel.

This is why I love riding a bike like the Cross Check instead of a standard road bike. It allows diversity in my riding. The wider tires mean that I can ride where skinny tires won't go. But the aggressive position of a cross bike means I don't lose too much on speed.

But, man, this gravel was big and loose. I really could've used a much bigger tire. I did get nervous a couple times when I was really moving.

Eventually the road dead-ended at a water tower. I played with the thought of camping here. It was really remote and I doubt anyone would catch me. I'm not much of a rule breaker, though. So I'm not sure that I could ever pull it off mentally. At the least, it would be a great spot to sit and drink coffee on a morning commute.

Get out there.

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