Long Way Home

Yesterday I got lost on my commute home. I know what you're thinking. "How could someone get lost on their commute?" The truth is, I didn't really get lost. I knew exactly where I was the entire time. But I did miss a turn and ended up on a 16 mile ride when I had planned about 9. It was no big deal, though. I needed to be alone and out for a bit.

I was also able to see some great new scenery. The flooding still has a major presence...

The entire area pictured above doesn't normally have any water. But this stuffed spanned for over an acre.
This house is pretty typical for this area. My normal commute is on the edge of civilization. This route is more removed. I'm guessing this is the area where people build their dream house on their dream lot and stay until they die. Not a bad plan. It's really beautiful out this way.

My normal view is of horses. Yesterday was llamas. Why would someone want a llama? Do they provide wool? Can you ride them? Milk them? It seems rather large to just be a pet.
I passed a bunch of cows in this pond. I guess I spooked them because they went nuts and a stampede ensued. I forgot how fast cows can run! But I suppose it's been a while since I've seen City Slickers.
The ride ended with a view of a cemetery. Shortly after this I reconnected with my regular commute path.

It was good to get lost. I had a full week with lots of social interaction last week. I'm not anti-social, but I can only take so much of people before I start to lose it. 16 miles wasn't much, but the feeling of being lost felt good to my psyche.

Get out there.


  1. Llama fleece is great for spinning into yarn. It's all the craze right now in the knitting world.

    I know this because my wife is a knitter and has quite a popular knitting podcast.

    There are a lot of farms around our area that have them. Some for their fleece. Other farmers like to have a few around because llamas can kick some serious wolf and coyote ass. You don't want to mess with a pissed off llama.

  2. @ Doug - That's the best comment I've had on this blog. Especially if you isolate it as just a random comment on a bike blog. Funny! Wool was my best guess. Good to know!