Bike Lexington Family Fun Ride

Yesterday was Lexington's big bike event for the year (the biggest, as far as I know). The community shuts down city streets as cyclists take over and ride a ten mile loop around some great areas of Lexington.

Last year, over 3000 people showed up to ride. It seemed to be about the same for this year's event.
We got there early enough to catch all the festivities around. They had bands, concession stands and lots of eye candy for the kiddos. They were having a great time.
I was back to pulling the trailer with the Xtracycle. (Big news... my wife is pregnant again!) I didn't want her, in her condition, pulling the trailer in the intense summer heat. So I had two big kids on the back of the Xtra and the little guy (who's not so little) in the trailer. It's easily over 100 lbs of extra person to haul.

I had lots of comments about pulling all the weight. Honestly, it's not the weight that makes it hard. It's navigating this semi-truck through thousands of cyclists that makes it difficult.
The ride itself is pretty straight forward. We weave through Lexington by all the fun landmarks. The kids have plenty to look at and stay pretty well entertained. The little guy fell asleep in the trailer after about 15 minutes in. That's always a good sign of contentment.

The heat was a contender, though. I saw several people go down and it wasn't because of the ride. When the temp hits the 90's and there's too much humidity, its tough for people to stand it. We made it through just fine. We just had to end with a little ice cream before heading home :)
Always a crowd pleaser.

Get out there.


  1. Awesome! :) Wish we could have made it up for this. Maybe one of these days...
    So excited for you guys and number four!

    Also, is the rumor true... are the 49-cent ice cream cones back??

  2. Hey Derrick!! Pat passed on your blog a few months ago and I read it every now and then. Just wanted to say congrats on baby #4! Very exciting! Hope all is well! Sarah Hargrove (McDonald)