Family Ride

This Saturday, my lovely wife requested that we mount the bikes for a family ride. We wanted to mix it up a bit so we hit up the multi-use path that I take nearly every day on my commute. This required that I load the bikes up on the car and drive a bit, though. I feel 100% safe on my bike by myself. But drivers and kids are a little too unpredictable to risk a family ride. So the first two miles were by car, while we followed up with about fourteen on bike.
Since we started by car, of course we forgot something... this time it was my helmet. That wasn't going to stop us from a good time. My daughter's hair looks great here, too. That's the "wind blown" look you get when your parents to choose to ride bikes instead of in cars.
Lots of horses were out. The kids thought that was awesome. It was cool for them to see my regular ride, too. They enjoyed it.
I've never seen geese on the path. Saturday they were everywhere. On two occasions I nearly hit one. This one kept his line long enough for me to whip out my phone and snap a pic.
We had an awesome time. My wife is a major trooper, too. She wasn't feeling well and she was pulling a screaming baby nearly the entire time (we think he hates his helmet). But through it all we had fun and love riding as a family.

Get out there.


  1. our youngest screamed last year the 1st time w/ a helmet, but this years 1st ride he was fine.
    I hate loading up the bikes in the car also; it's a big hassle because I don't have a bike rack and there's hardly any room inside.

  2. @ EHB - I've got a roof rack on the car and it's really hard to load the Xtra on. With the long bike and IGH, it's a heavy load!

    @ Abby - You'll have to join us next time :)