Headlight Woes

This is the time of year that my headlights get pulled out in full force. The issue is, I'm down to one headlight. I used to have three, one for each bike. Now I'm up to four bikes and down to one light. What happened? Well, I lost one. That sucks. The other one broke. The one that broke was my nicest and brightest. It was a CatEye HL-EL450 that I paid full price for last year. I hit a bump on a ride it and flew off and shattered. I've got an email into CatEye to see if I'm covered by a warranty. They want me to mail the light in to look at it. Here's hoping I get one back in working condition. I don't have an extra 50 bucks to drop on a light right now... with a baby due in three weeks!

Until then, I'll be swapping my headlight and wearing my headlamp from my camping gear. It works great, but I like to have the headlamp and a headlight, especially in the nighttime rain (like the photo above). Let's hope CatEye pulls through for me!

Get out there.


  1. If you'd still want to mix "show" with "function", for safety reasons,5000k hid lights should not be used as the main headlights but instead, as an accent to be used as foglights. Higher color temperatures tend to reflect off fog and rain, and therefore do a bad job in illuminating the road in poor conditions.

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  3. There are several different brands for HID conversion kits. Two of the more commonly seen kits are the HID xenon conversion kit and the truck hid lighting