Fishing Ride

Today I took the Troll out for a ride to the creek. It's about a 35 minute ride to a nice little fishing spot in a remote area. I decided I'd strap my pole to the rack and see what fun I could come up with.
The creek was up quite a bit. It made it harder to find a good place to cast in. Most of the little trails along the water were actually under water.
The Troll and I eventually made our way down. Lots of bushwhacking was necessary, but we made it.
Angie was taking the kids to spend the night with her parents. That gave me plenty of time to walk along the bank and try to catch something. Did I? Nope. But I just love being out there anyway.
The ride was nice. I found a bunch of goats on the way back. There's always interesting animals on random farms in the country. This guy had probably 35 goats walking around his front yard.

All in all, it was a great couple hours. With weather in my favor, I'm glad it worked out.

Get out there.

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  1. That's a special little river. Being outside in the autumn is special.

    My husband and I went on two hikes this weekend, sans kids, with stunning sunny vistas. Live is sweet.