Thanksgiving Exploration

I'm really enjoying having the Troll. It's become a great bike to grab when I don't know exactly what to expect. That's exactly what I did on Thanksgiving day.
My first idea was to hit up the local railroad tracks. There's a rail that runs from my little town all the way near work. I used to jog on the gravel occasionally, I figured I could try it on a mountain bike. If riding on those bike gravel chunks worked, it was feasible that I could ride my commute on rails instead of road. That would be pretty cool.

Did it work? Nope. The gravel is so big and loose that your tire just buries itself without gaining momentum. I think it would work with the maximum float of a Pugsley. But the Troll was no match. I could try it with a super wide MTB tire eventually. Right now I'm running more narrow touring tires.
Without the ability to ride the tracks, I took the opportunity to explore streets I've never been on. I found a couple areas that are pretty run down.
Main Street just got a new makeover. The fresh asphalt was a nice change from my train track follies.
I ended with a couple runs through the local parks. Riding on an MTB is just a little more comforting than exploring on a road bike. I'm not sure if I could explain why. I just feel a bit more prepared when I'm turning corners without knowing what's on the other side. The Troll is perfect for rides like this.

Get out there.


  1. What a great bike! I keep trying to talk myself away from one. And it keeps talking back.

  2. I'm with Mr Pondero. I can't stop thinking about a Rohloff equipped all-purpose bike built around the Troll.

    I've heard the gravel on railroad tracks refered to as "ballast". There are a few abandoned railroad right aways around here where they have removed the tracks but left the original ballast. I've tried to explore them on my Pugsley, but even with the Pugsley it's a rough ride. I gave up on trying to ride it.

  3. @ Pondero and Doug - I really love the Troll. My eventual plan was to put drop bars on it. But I want to see how well I can push the boundaries of the H-Bars. I'd love a Rolhoff. For now, I'm saving up for an Alfine. I think an IGH would make this the perfect foul weather commuter AND mouton bike.

    I've heard the term "ballast" before, too. I'd forgotten that. I got the sense that it would be too rough for even the Pug. A boy can dream, though.