Ortlieb Warranty

The good folks over at Ortlieb are replacing my pannier that blew out a couple months ago. I took the bag over to Pedal the Planet (where they were purchased) and they set me up with a new one out for delivery. The only problem is the delay. Ortlieb is shipping the bag from Germany, which means that I won't have it in my hands for a few more weeks.

Pedal the Planet was nice enough to let me take the shredded bag with me so that I could continue using it until the new one gets in. I'm not sure if I ever showed a pic of the rip. Basically, it went from the top of the taped area all the way around and across the bottom. This heavy duty tape has done a great job holding everything in, though. It's just not going to be water resistant.

Tape will have to do over the next few weeks. As the weather gets colder and colder, I'm choosing the Cross Check for efficiency's sake. I'd rather pedal the Cross Check 18mph with a taped up pannier than plod along on the Xtracycle at 13mph when there's a 20 degree windchill!

Get out there.

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