Out My Back Door

Last night I had a little back yard campout with my two older kids. I've been promising to do it for a while with Clive and the time slipped away from me. At the last minute, he asked his big sister to join us for some marshmallow and cozy fire fun.
We had a blast together. There was lots of giggling and excitement over burning stuff in the yard. I forgot how much little boys like fire. Bliss, on the other hand, was completely content to sit in the tent with her headlamp and do homework. That's a pretty accurate portrayal of these two kids. One is looking for things to burn while the other is doing her homework without being asked.

Even though it was about 12 feet from my back door we had an incredible time, saw a beautiful sunset and woke up with the smell of campfire on our clothes. Not a bad night for a school night.

Get out there.

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