The Long, Long Way In

I have the bad habit of taking the shortest routes when I ride my bike. When you ride for transportation (not recreation), you're riding because you have to be somewhere. And when you have to be somewhere, you often have to be there by a certain time. So my rides tend to be the most direct, shortest routes so that I arrive on time. The problem recently is that I've not been allowing enough time to take the long ride to work.

I've got a long bike camping trip coming up and I'll need better legs than what I've been training myself to have. I'm incredibly used to a 6-10 mile ride, but nothing much longer. Today, I took a 20 mile route into work for a little bit of stamina training. I'm hoping to get another 20-30 miler in before my longer, loaded ride in the next week.

One thing is for sure, I love the longer ride!

Get out there.

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