Rustic Bike Rack

Recently, I heard a great way to cover up your crappy lack of craftsmanship is to refer to something as "rustic." Apparently, being rustic is cool. So here's my rustic bike rack I made for my garage.

You guessed it. I took an old wooden pallet that someone was throwing out and modified it to hold my parked bikes in the garage. I've been leaning bikes on one another or hanging them on the wall. It's annoying when you need the bike that's got three other bikes leaned on them. And hanging your bike is a pain when you've just ridden a dozen miles in the snow. Now, I just slide the bike of choice out of the pallet and roll.

It really was simple. I just took the four slats on the back of the pallet and used them as the side supports. The center brace became the joining beam on the floor, connecting the two sides. Nothing to it. It took me about 20 minutes while entertaining three kiddos.

Not a bad solution for free. I can get four bikes on here at one time but I'll just run my three short bikes you see.

Get out there.


  1. I love the recycling part. The rack could also double as a ski jump for your children.

  2. Nice. I've been wanting something like that, but hand't thought of using a pallet. I guess I'll ride around on the Big Dummy looking for old pallets to haul home.

  3. Stoneagefamily here, I showed this to my wife and now she wants to build one or maybe two. Between my bikes, her bike and the kids we have seven bikes and two tricycles in the garage. It is a bit ridiculous.
    Thanks for the prayers. My wife is also pregnant, with our fifth child, so I feel you on the lack of toy funds.