Snake Bite

Another injury. Not a bad one, but a bit painful, nonetheless. This was a random act of comedy that led to a bloody mess. Here's what went down...

Every morning when I come in the doors to my office I hit the handicap button that opens the door. This allows me to swing around and enter the building without ever dismounting from my bike. The door usually stays open for about five seconds, which allows plenty of time for me to go through.

Well, this time it was a different story. The door only opened halfway before it immediately began to close again. As my front wheel went through I could tell that a bad experience was eminent. I stood up to mash on the pedals but it was useless. There was no time.

The door shut and caught my pannier on my rear rack stopping me in my tracks. As I pushed down on the pedal, it flew out from underneath me, swung around and cracked me on the shin. Anger. Shame. Blood.

It was one of those injuries that bleeds more than it hurts, actually. It was painful for a few moments, but looks worse than it is. I was due for an injury, anyway. It had been a while.

Get out there.


  1. Please tell me someone saw this.

  2. No one was there. it would have been a nice moment for them, though. It was a bizarre occurrence. I did get a lot of sympathy "Ahhh, what happened?" questions when they saw the blood. Then when I told people, it moved from sympathy to insults.