Another Xtracycle/Boat Excursion

Our house was overrun with sickness for the last few days. I decided the kids deserved to have a great time since they suffered through the yuckness of a virus.

I had to come home early from work yesterday to help Angie who had gotten the bug. Three kids and a stomach virus isn't something any mom should have to do. My plan was to load the bike, put the baby down for a nap and head to the water with the big kids.

As soon as Bliss stepped off the bus we were ready to go.

The Xtracycle plus 16' boat is quite the load. I'm borrowing my dad's tandem for a while, so these trips aren't always possible. That's one of the reasons I wanted to do it while we can. But his boat is looong. Wide cornering yesterday!

We unpacked the boat, put on the kids' life jackets and slid the vessel in. The giggles were non-stop.

I just can't seem to say how much I love this bike enough. This is the type of adventure that I'd never do if I had to load the boat on the car and drive somewhere. It seems like everything's better when the experience begins as soon as you pull out of the driveway instead of once you hit the water. It does everything well. It's easier to prop the boat on the trailer than lift it on the car. The bike ride isn't too affected by the extra load. And, like I always say, the kids love riding the bike. A car ride is a chore when you're three and five. But a bike ride to a boat ride... now that's a memory.

Get out there.

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