Well, it was my first day with gloves since winter. I was waiting with my daughter at the bus stop this morning, trying to convince myself I wouldn't need them. But logic won that battle. And I'm glad it did.

It was a foggy day and I was wearing full pants, a warm Gore cycling jacket and gloves. I had picked the perfect attire for today's brisk weather.

It was definitely a two-blinkie day with the dense fog. I have about three miles to share the road with cars before I hit the bike path. And fog is the biggest deterrent for me to ride. But two Planet Bike Superflashes do the trick.

I was happy to see they added these posts on the entrance of the bike paths. I wrote earlier about how they had posted signs. But you still occasionally see some idiot driving his car on the path. He won't be able to squeeze through here. To be honest, I wonder if my Xtracycle with WideLoaders will make it through. Worst case scenario, I'll just cut through the grass if not.

I'm glad fall is here. My favorite rides are the ones I can just hop on the bike in whatever I'm wearing and ride. I love riding. But I don't love the prep work that comes with year-round bike commuting. It is worth it though.

Get out there.

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