My Awesome Wife

I can almost promise you that this is the only time you'll see running shoes on this blog. I'm no runner. I did a triathlon last year that nearly killed me. I can handle it, and it's something I do often enough out of physical necessity, but I would never choose to discuss my embarrassment that is called "running."

My wife, on the other hand... I could talk about her all day long. She's a born runner. She's one of those freaky people that will lace up her shoes, head out the door and return home hours later with miles and miles behind her. She's always been that way.

Well, now she's taking her running to the next level. She's done lots of races before. But now she's doing a race that is raising money for a cause. She's racing to raise some cash for the Refuge for Women. The Refuge for Women provides a one-year residential healing experience for women and their children desiring to leave the adult entertainment industry.

For some of you reading that, it may sound a little cloudy. I'd encourage you to hit their website to learn more. But what I can say is that my wife has had the awesome opportunity to work with some of the women who have needed a place like the Refuge. She spends time sharing a meal with them a few times each month. It's a lifestyle and a culture that leaves many women and children hurting in it's wake.

Angie is training for a full marathon on October 10 to support the work being done at the Refuge. I'm proud to say that this race will have an impact on something other than blisters on her feet. This race means that women and children will have warm meals. Each step will represent a dollar amount that will go towards little boys' and girls' birthday presents and school clothes. Her 26.2 miles worth of strides will bring awareness to people that are in need. This race is important.

Check out Angie's blog if you'd like to know specifics. She goes into greater detail there. But know that I am proud of her. I'm proud that she's chosen to use something she loves to change lives. 

Get out there.

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