Beautiful Day

It was quite beautiful out this morning on the way in. The unfortunate truth was that I was entirely underdressed. During summer months, I can easily assume that t-shirt and shorts are the only thing I'm going to wear. It doesn't matter if it's raining, blistering heat or a cooler summer day... t-shirt and shorts cover it all.

I need to get back in the habit of checking the temperature on my phone before I leave. This morning I was shivering as I pedaled. I welcomed the warm exhaust of a dump truck as it spewed poisonous fumes into my lungs. It just felt so cozy.

This little guy was cold, too.
I'm guessing he had walked out onto the warmer asphalt to get some heat in him. He was the tiniest snapping turtle I've ever seen. I ran into his mom a while back... she was a bit on the larger side compared to junior, here.

But, no complaints about the temp. It was my fault. I'll dress better next time.

Get out there.

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