I must have bumped something a little harder than I noticed the other day when I was hauling three kids with the Xtracycle. When I got on it this morning I noticed it felt a little sluggish. Upon inspection I realized that the rim was completely rubbing my brakes.

My rear wheel has needed to be trued for good while. Now I can't push it off any longer.

For now I'll ride it with the rear brake unlatched. A front brake is plenty of stopping power when it's just me on the bike. I've got a busy week ahead, though. So I'm not sure when I'll get to fixing this thing. I may have to ride other bikes until the weekend.

It's always a good reminder that maintenance is a part of any hobby. And when cycling moves from being a hobby to a tool used for transportation, it seems harder and harder to find time to do it. Even though the priority of it all moves up the list, I always feel like I can't seem to get it done. Hmmm. Now I think there's some kind of additional life lesson in there somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't have time to figure it out.

Get out there.

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