Xtracycle Video Game

My lovely wife has been on a kick recently about video games. No, she doesn't want to play them. She thinks I should grab my developer buddy and my designer buddy and make our own video game. She apparently thinks we have what it takes. If you know me, then you probably know that I haven't played a video game since circa 1992 when I was rocking the Nintendo Entertainment System graphics.

Well, for the sake of discussion, I will share what my game would be. You'd be on an Xtracycle and it would be all about how much cargo you can load (a game of virtual balance and inertia) and how far you could pedal it. Sounds great, eh?

You could incorporate time limits and delivery options. There could be obstacles like narrow passages between trees, dogs chasing you, glass in the road... basically, all the things you encounter while riding a bike. Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Get out there... unless you're playing my Xtracycle game on your NES.

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