Bikes and Smokes

There aren't many bikes that could handle a run to the grocery to grab two coolers full of ice. "What's that, honey? You want me to take the two big kids, too? No problem. And, yes. I'll still take the bike."

Conversations around our house sure have changed since we got this special bike.

It's nice to know the possibilities are out there for our family. Sometimes I sit and think about what life would be like if I was never given the opportunity to become dependent on a car. Most people that smoke started when they were young. Someone offers them a cigarette at a point in their life when they're not equipped to understand the consequences. They choke down a puff or two at first, but eventually, it's a "must have."

I've never heard of a fully functioning intelligent adult starting to smoke at a mature age. They're wise enough to know the whole spectrum of smoking. They know it's going to cause a dependency. As an adult, starting an incredibly expensive habit that is bad for your health just sounds silly... or stupid, even.

But being dependent on a car is the same thing. It may seem like its a "must have" but it's really not. There are bikes out there that will haul your kids, your coolers, your ladder, or... your other bike. What if you never knew differently? What if our culture wasn't all about handing you the keys to that car when you turned 16? What if we weren't handed the cancer-causing temptation of the automobile until we were well into a mature age? Would we still drive as much? Knowing both sides of it before becoming addicted sure could change things.

Get out there.

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